Oracle 1Z0-436 Exam Questions And Information – (Nov-2017 Dumps)

By | November 24, 2017

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Version: 7.1
Question: 1

When designing an integration with an ERP system, you need to communicate with a third party integration tool (such as a middleware or a hub). Which two statements are true about a middleware in this scenario?

A. The third party tool cannot be configured to modify the XML for better communication.
B. The third party tool can transform incoming XML as well as outgoing XML when it comes to communicating with applications.
C. A request from BigMachines can reach the ERP system even if there is an error in processing the request with the third party tool.
D. A third party tool calls BigMachines to get valid authentication.
E. BigMachines needs to pass any necessary authentication to the third party tool.

Answer: BE

Question: 2

You have inserted a bookmark link in your document. However, you would like to modify the bookmark link text. How will you achieve this?

A. Edit the bookmark link by double-clicking the Edit icon, and then changing the text as needed.
B. Delete the existing bookmark link by double-clicking the “X” icon, and then re-adding the bookmark link with the new text.
C. After it is added, a bookmark link cannot be modified or deleted. Therefore, you need to be sure about the bookmark link text.
D. Replace the bookmark by using the Edit icon, and then insert new text as needed.

Answer: A

Question: 3

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Which two statements are true about the integration of BigMachines (without middleware) with external ERP systems?

A. The ERP system should support exchange of XML data.
B. BigMachines can call ERP systems without using BML.
C. Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) can be used to build an XML request that is sent to ERP systems.
D. You need two BigMachines actions: one to send a request to an ERP system and another to receive a valid response.
E. Calling an ERP system does not require authentication of any kind.

Answer: A, C

Question: 4

Identify the object of the BigMachines Managed Package app that is used for initial setup and that allows you to make changes to integration preferences in Salesforce.

A. BigMachines Quotes
B. BigMachines Site Setup
C. Filed Mapping
D. BigMachines Commerce Process Setup

Answer: A

Reference: (page 53)

Question: 5

Oracle CPQ Cloud provides integration guides for some applications. Identify two such applications.

B. Microsoft Dynamics
C. Oracle Sales Cloud
D. Oracle On Demand

Answer: A, C


Question: 6

Which two statements are true about parts integration?

A. A BigMachines parts database can be integrated only with Salesforce.
B. BigMachines or a third-party system can be used to maintain parts data.
C. Salesforce cannot store parts as products, so you must store parts and price book associations in BigMachines.
D. BigMachines can support parts integration with any system via FTP upload.

Answer: A, B